Name of securityEUR 9.0 Inbank subordinated bond 23-2033
Short name of securityINBB090033A
Regulated marketNasdaq Tallinn Stock Exchange, Baltic Bond List
Listing date14.12.2023
Nominal value1 000 EUR
Number of securities8 000
Volume of issue8 000 000 EUR
Period13.12.2023 - 13.12.2033
Interest paymentsQuarterly
Interest rate9% per annum

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Inbank AS withholds 20% income tax on interest payments made to Estonian residents who are natural persons. If you have purchased securities in an investment account to defer your income tax liability, please fill in the form below. This will inform Inbank that you wish to receive interest pavments in full.

Please submit the form 10 working days prior to the interest payment the latest in order to defer income tax liability.

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