Inbank launches a new contemporary visual identity to support its international growth strategy.

“Inbank is gearing up for the next chapter of growth with our next-generation embedded finance platform. To support this ambition, we are also modernising our brand to further position ourselves as a leading player in the embedded finance domain in Europe,“ says Priit Põldoja, Inbank’s Chairman of the Management Board.

During 2023, Inbank will introduce a new logo, fresh colour palette, typeface, and other unique visual elements. “The new logo is a modernised version of our old logo that was first introduced in 2015 after acquiring an EU banking licence. Inbank’s core business has always been integrating financing solutions right inside merchant business processes – we make financing so seamless that you barely notice it. Our logo reflects that idea of being inside,” explains Põldoja.

The transition to the new identity will begin internally in April 2023 and at the group level with the launch of, a new website targeting investors, new markets and international merchants, and engaging international talent.

He adds that financing is moving out of traditional banks to the point of sale, where everyday commerce happens. “The shift in business model is set to respond to changing consumer behaviour – people are looking for convenient financing solutions right at the point of sale online and offline. The renewed and more approachable brand brings Inbank closer to retail, where our customers and partners are,” explains Põldoja, adding that the more easy-going and less bank-like brand also better reflects Inbank’s values and internal culture, helping to attract like-minded talent.

The brand refresh does not bring any changes to consumers. Inbank continues to offer fast, convenient and simple financing solutions exactly as before. The only change for customers is the new visual identity that will be introduced across Inbank markets in Q4 2023.

Inbank is a financial technology company with an EU banking licence that connects merchants, consumers and financial institutions on its next generation embedded finance platform. Partnering with 5,400+ merchants, Inbank has 865,000+ active contracts and collects deposits across Europe. Its bonds are listed on the Nasdaq Tallinn Stock Exchange.